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It's not real. Just in case you didn't know. Also it's not a harm to anyone.
So, the new paper about the proportions of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (yes you heard right, that species, not "S. maroccanus") is published.
What does it bring us, you ask?

Well, apparently Spinosaurus is the longest known Theropod till date, which isn't that much of a surprise. Fanboys might nod their heads, but hold on! The estimated center of body mass was located way in front of both hip and knee points. This made Spinosaurus likely unable for bipedal locomotion. Ibrahim et al have proposed a quadrupedal terrestrial locomotion, according to that paper it must have looked something like the combat-crawling-method speculated by Duane Nash.
Furthermore it has been speculated by dinosaur enthustiasts that the new specimens from the Kem Kem beds may belong to "Spinosaurus maroccanus". This species was assigned as synonym to S. aegyptiacus, as well as Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis and "Spinosaurus B".
Spinosaurus was a big animal which lived mostly inside the water, relying on aquatic prey and having a very well adapated bauplan for this lifestyle (elongated pedal Digit I, likely webbed hindlimbs, muscular tail and neurovascular formina on the rostral). Also the elongated spines were tightly covered with skin and most likely only for show.
Last but not least, the overbited jaw configuration is also shown in the paper's skeletal reconstruction (specimens used: neotype FSAC-KK 11888, holotype IPHG 1912, MSNM V4047 and UCRC PV5).

Up-to-date life restoration here!
Ibrahim, N.; Sereno, P. C.; Dal Sasso, C.; Maganuco, S.; Fabbri, M.; Martill, D. M.; Zouhri, S.; Myhrvold, N. & Iurino, D. A. (2014). "Semiaquatic adaptions in a giant predatory dinosaur". Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1258750
Dal Sasso, C.; Maganuco, S.; Buffetaut, E. & Mendez, M. A. (2005). "New information on the skull of the enigmatic theropod Spinosaurus, with remarks on its size and affinities." Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 25(4):888-896
So it's been a long time since my last Journal and apparently I haven't finished anything from my to-do-list.
But that shall not be the topic!

Fellow r-heinart tagged me. May he suffer infinitive torments in hell (I know you didn't want to force me, but this is a challenge so you are in there as well).


The Rules are:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. Please don't tag-backs.
6. Don't do tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag specific people.

So, let us do this...

1. What interests do you have, and why?

Well, I'm mostly interested in anything nature related. Be it general Tetrapodology, Palaeontology, but also Ichthyology and Botany. I also find other nerdy science stuff appealing. Why? Because it is damn cool!
Of course drawing and reading as well as music belongs to my interests.

2. Speak more than one language? I understand if you don't . . .

Sadly just two (German and English), one of them with an additional dialect.

3. Do you have a favorite dinosaur? Other prehistoric animal, maybe?

No, not really. I like Cormorants. But I like all other Dinosaurs as well.

4. Are you an artist, writer, bot, or are you just a lurker?

Bo... I mean Artist of course.

5. What's the cutest thing you've done?

...define "cute".

6. Have a favorite TV series? I don't.

I like Breaking Bad. But I also like Naruto. This diverges wildly, right?

7. Have a favorite movie? I also don't have one of those either.

I think I don't have one either.

8. What do you find yourself doing the most while being, 'creative'? ( GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOR)

It is dreaming! Or car-driving! Or something else, but it's always an activity (or non-activity) where I'm not able to draw or write down my ideas. Such frustrating!

9.What do you think is the best part of your personality?

Such questions. ;) Mind you if I don't answer, it's still the internet.

10. Whoo! I didn't think I'd actually make it to ten whole questions . . . um . . . let's see . . . oh! I've got it! Wait no, no I don't.


Do you think Polaris is trying to take over the gaming part of the Yetoobs? I do.

I have not a single clue what you are talking about, but the answer is 42.

So, wasn't that bad at all.
Now for the new questions...

1. If you would have the choice, what animal would your pet be (non-tamability shall not be your problem)?
2. Do you have a favourite book? If so, which one?
3. Do you have a blog/tumblr? If so, what got you into making it?
4. Who is your favourite artist and did he/she/they influence your style?
5. What would be your favourite job?
6. Which is your favourite place in the world?
7. If you could make a movie or a television series, what would it be about?
8. Have you ever raised a wild animal? Which one?
9. What is your favourite scientific name of any living being?
10. Do you like Dinosaurs? (If not I don't know why I am even talking to you!) Since when are you interested in them?

I'll tag those fellows:
and... special guest :icontouhoupoorcutekids: :rofl:
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Hello dear fellows, watchers and random deviants!

[please note the edit, my 100th watcher was deleted and now Franchescco moves to that position.]

Finally I got my 100th watcher. It's Franchescco, he can get a commission from me (I'm quite curious what it could be).

Furthermore I will use this journal-entry for a little to-do-list, which I hopefully can fulfil eventually.

- Collaboration with tuomaskoivurinne
- Spinosaurus aegyptiacus revised
- francescco' commission

In this respect happy regards!


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D'Gruppn fia echde Baiern, Frankn und Schwobn!
Wennsd ned vorbeischaugsd bisd suiba schuid!


Many thanks to my incredible watchers! Your interest and support is very appreciated! :worship:
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A new group was born!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 26, 2010, 5:11 PM
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Hello dear fellows, watchers and random deviants!

It's time for a new journal-entry I guess. So where should I begin? Ah yes, I played some days ago with the thought to make a new paleoart-group. And I'm not talking about the mainstream shit like always the same Dinosaur-species and so on. What was really motivational for the final step was the closure and absorption of the DinoArtist-group by the DeviantDinosaurs. I'm really unhappy with such behaviour in dA or better to say among paleoartists. The group was closed by the founder because she became an invitation to be Co-Founder at the other group.
But this is children-shit in my opinion and I'm ashamed for being member at both groups.
Ok... you waited long enough to hear the good news. The new group is open:
!!! :iconorigin-of-mammals: !!!
Let me explain. It's a group about Synapsids and prehistoric/extinct Mammals. You're all welcome to join or watch the group. But if you want to submit some artworks plase be sure for being scientific accurate and demonstrate a high skill in art. Group is open and waiting for YOU! See ya there!

And now something completely different... nah, not so different, it's also group-related.
We had in the Deviant-Bavaria a little contest. And so I want to show you some features of the winner.
Stone Lion by bluediabolo Dahlie by bluediabolo Blue by bluediabolo
Black bat flower by bluediabolo Osterglocke by bluediabolo Man in the House by bluediabolo
Tulipflames by bluediabolo Art with deads 3 by bluediabolo Just blue by bluediabolo
They are beautiful photos, aren't they? But this are only a few examples, so go up and visit her gallery!
I'm watching :iconbluediabolo: and what are you waiting for?

So, that's all for now I think. If you have questions or any wishes, let me know. ;)

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PS: I'm the following two weeks not everyday here, so don't worry if I can't reply.

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