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So, the new paper about the proportions of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (yes you heard right, that species, not "S. maroccanus") is published.
What does it bring us, you ask?

Well, apparently Spinosaurus is the longest known Theropod till date, which isn't that much of a surprise. Fanboys might nod their heads, but hold on! The estimated center of body mass was located way in front of both hip and knee points. This made Spinosaurus likely unable for bipedal locomotion. Ibrahim et al have proposed a quadrupedal terrestrial locomotion, according to that paper it must have looked something like the combat-crawling-method speculated by Duane Nash.
Furthermore it has been speculated by dinosaur enthustiasts that the new specimens from the Kem Kem beds may belong to "Spinosaurus maroccanus". This species was assigned as synonym to S. aegyptiacus, as well as Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis and "Spinosaurus B".
Spinosaurus was a big animal which lived mostly inside the water, relying on aquatic prey and having a very well adapated bauplan for this lifestyle (elongated pedal Digit I, likely webbed hindlimbs, muscular tail and neurovascular formina on the rostral). Also the elongated spines were tightly covered with skin and most likely only for show.
Last but not least, the overbited jaw configuration is also shown in the paper's skeletal reconstruction (specimens used: neotype FSAC-KK 11888, holotype IPHG 1912, MSNM V4047 and UCRC PV5).

Up-to-date life restoration here!
Ibrahim, N.; Sereno, P. C.; Dal Sasso, C.; Maganuco, S.; Fabbri, M.; Martill, D. M.; Zouhri, S.; Myhrvold, N. & Iurino, D. A. (2014). "Semiaquatic adaptions in a giant predatory dinosaur". Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1258750
Dal Sasso, C.; Maganuco, S.; Buffetaut, E. & Mendez, M. A. (2005). "New information on the skull of the enigmatic theropod Spinosaurus, with remarks on its size and affinities." Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 25(4):888-896
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